Thursday, June 03, 2010

Is that sun??

I opened the door this morning to the sun! Wow, it's been raining so long I'd forgotten what it looked like - it rained almost every day in May & continued into June. The flowers are happy with this warm wet weather but my hands sure aren't! Even the Strawberries & Clematis are happy - the strawberries are sharing pots with the Hen & Chicks & seem to be in love. I guess the slugs don't like strawberries enough to crawl over the Chicks to get them! And the Clematis! I haven't seen them put out as many shoots since the year I planted them! Must be that rotted steer manure I threw on them back in April . . . .

Before I start another project - and I have a couple already picked out - I decided to finish the hoodie I cast on in one of the Odd Ball yarns. This is another incarnation of the Wonderful Wallaby that I've been knitting for the Boomer project. Knitopia, now in White Rock, is still shipping hats,
scarves & sweaters to the Canadian Forces base on the Island. They go to the Troops in Afghanistan to be given out to the kids to keep them warm in the winter. I started this one a couple of months ago & it got set aside for the tax season. I decided I better finish it before starting something else or it would get lost in the UFO bag. And a kid will need it this winter!

The wild socks with the fraternal pattern
are also finished. Amazing how the wild yarns still knit up faster - even with a weird lace pattern! One of my Motorcycle School cohorts oohed & awwed so much when she saw them that I gifted them to her. She's a character & will enjoy wearing them with her riding leathers!
And both heels are turned on the new blue socks for the Ex. I may just add a narrow red stripe before
shaping the toe to jazz them up a tad. Hey, it worked with the BT's socks. And I'm thinking the next ones will be grey - I just bought 20 balls of grey on sale! LOL

I need more socks like a hole in the head! I think I counted 22 pairs last time I looked in the sock basket. But -
I have this wonderful purple patterned yarn that would go with most of my favorite tops! I can't wear sneakers without socks & could get two pairs of short socks out of two 50 gm balls quite easily. This colorway would go very nicely with the three purple & two fuchsia tops I love to wear! Ahhh . . so much yarn & so little time

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