Sunday, June 13, 2010

What to do, oh what to do

The hoodie is just about finished with some of the hood to knit & the underarms to sew up. I know I'll probably just cast-on another one right away but I feel the itch to start something else, for a change. While rooting through the bits & pieces for some inspiration, I came across two 100 gm balls of Scottish yarn in a DK weight. It's mostly acrylic with a little wool in the most marvelous dark lavender with orange bits in it. I'm sure it will knit up quickly & prove indestructible - it was originally $7 a ball & bought at Eatons - must be 20 years ago. That makes it old & a luxury at at the time, too. I almost think there's enough for a hoodie but what if there isn't?? I have nothing that would go with it if I ran out of yarn. A vest? Maybe. A child could wear a vest under a hoodie. I keep looking at it wondering if I could make something for me out of it. It's too bulky for socks, won't felt for slippers, too bulky for fingerless gloves - could make a cowl or neck warmer but they just don't suit me. I've hung on to it because of the color, I just know it. But maybe it's because of the feel too - it just feels luxurious. I'd like a sweater in that yarn.

I have another bag of wool in three colors. I tried to give it away but no one would take it. Someone suggested a felted bag but I read the labels & with 10% nylon, I think felting is out. I have 17, 50 gm balls of fuzzy DK weight yarn which would make a terrific bag or even nicer slippers - too bad I can't felt it!! Maybe a blanket on very large needles? Crocheted? Something soft & pouffy would be nice to cuddle under when it's cold outside, that's for sure. I'm just wondering if there's enough yarn in that bag to make something warm to wear in my drafty office this winter. Top down on very large needles?? Mmmmm

So, I'm finally at the toe shaping on the latest socks for the Ex. Size 13 takes a loooong time, especially in solids or dull colors. And he's looking forward to more of the same. I think the next pair will be grey - since I have 20 balls of it. I'd forgotten about the other balls of "manly" yarn I'd bought on sale last year! All my storage boxes should be clear so I know what I have but since his socks take 3 balls of yarn, I guess I'll use it all up eventually. I don't think I need to buy another ball of sock yarn this decade! Well . . . not until something brightly colored & seductive blows kisses in my direction, anyway . . .

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