Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just Another Sunday

My little Stinker hasn't been around to knock over the garbage can since I caught him in the act on Monday! My old cat's orange buddy came sneaking through the door though. I guess the two of them were out battling the racoons together for years & he still comes around looking for her occasionally. He used to sit outside the open door & yowl but now he just sits out there. Poor guy.

I actually had the old spinning wheel outside a couple times this week. My thumbs are better so I was able to spin for a half hour or so - don't want to make them too sore since you NEED thumbs to do EVERYTHING!! I remember last year when I tried out that Spin Gym thingie & inflamed them so badly that I couldn't even get dressed for two days. Yes, you NEED thumbs to get into a bra!!! I have been able to knit so I finished off the second pair of summer socks in the 'Saturn' colorway & started a new pair in some yarn that's been laying about for a very long time. After using the thick Regia, this unknown yarn feels thin & splits at the drop of a hat! But, it's very light, colorful & I like it!! That's all it takes to knit socks for moi.

My container garden is doing just fine in this weather. The strawberries are not only producing big, juicy berries but they're sending out runners in all directions as well! Good thing since I was down to THREE plants! I guess I'll be filling up the old Strawberry pot with offshoots this year & should have a huge crop next year. These ar
e Ever Bearing so they produce from early June through to the first frost.

I have my
first cukes!! The one cucumber plant that I bought got taken home because it looked so sad & neglected. I originally only wanted another Rosemary plant to add to my big herb tub but that cuke looked bad. I got it for free because we didn't think it would survive. But, survive it did & it is now producing fruit!

And then, the Hen & Chicks have gone nuts. Some of them have grown long stems & are producing flowers! Maybe it's because the pot
has become too crowded?? I originally planted one chick that got kicked out of the hanging basket by a bad squirrel burying a Hershey bar. Now where he got that Hershey bar, who knows, but that nasty little rodent tried to bury it in my Succulent hanging basket. I planted one displaced chick in the side of the old strawberry pot. That chick grew into a huge Hen & produced so many babies it took over. One lone strawberry plant remains poking out from between the closely packed chicks.

The Ferns love this damp, warm weather & so do the Spider plants out there. The Taro has actually sprouted!! Which you can see in the top picture. About the only thing that doesn't love this dampness is me. Or rather my joints, that is. I wish that Super Krill Oil would hurry up & get here! Yeah, I fell for a smooth talking Snake Oil dealer who promises results in 5 to 7 days! I'm not paying anything but the $4 shipping. I'll try anything & who knows, it might just work. Its cheaper than moving . . .

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Louisa said...

Poor hands. Hope the krill oil works for you and, after they've teased you, that the regular price isn't a killer! Because I'm betting it's going to take longer than the little sample holds out to find out if it helps or not. Personally I wouldn't buy it just because of the super-annoying ads. Do they really have to repeat the phone number 17 times?