Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer, Socks & Leftovers

Apparently it's been Summer in the Lower Mainland this past week but I missed most of it. Oh, I saw some of it coming & going from two jobs but that's about all I've seen. The Office Staff at the Motorcycle School banned the boss as of Tuesday morning. We ordered him out for a week & a half because he & his family need to spend time together. And, far, far away from us!! We need to do some Student cleanup that he doesn't need to stress about!! We have all kinds of Student problems like Assessments, missing Road Rides, missing documents & where we can stuff people to finish off their Course. And, damn it, schedule who's now going to teach/hold down the office for the oversold Day School!! Then I get to go home & work in the home office. Feast or Famine, the curse of the Self-employed.

And then ther
e's my second job. I've been doing data entry for an old client for a few months to get his paperwork caught up & finished by the end of July. Two weeks ago, I found out my thumb drive had failed & I lost all the work done to that point. You don't want to know what I screamed at that point . . . So, I've been putting in non-stop 8+ hour days to get it all back on the computer when I'm not at the Motorcycle School . . . luckily, most of it is organized & has spread sheets attached so there's less Thinking & just plain Donkey work left to do! I also had several new Murders, Thrillers & one SciFi to listen to which makes the days go faster. I've been coming home Blind & Brain Dead to eat cereal & blueberries & fall into bed. By the way, I recommend the 'Island in the Sea of Time' by S.M.Sterling!! A mind boggling listen or read that was so real I know it's a possibility!!

Do I have tim
e to knit?? Well, a little. I've actually finished a second pair of short socks in the Saturn colorway - had to find another ball of yarn for part of the foot & toe. A second pair in some Sock it To Me stripey yarn which left me enough to start another pair but I know I'll be lucky to get the heels turned before I run out of yarn. A blue pair, from several small balls of leftovers I found while looking for something for the Saturn socks, which reminds me of the Mexico colorway in Denim, which are on my feet as I type! I have a pair barely on the needles in some other leftover stripey yarn - probably another Sock it To Me - because I am incapable of sitting in front of the tube without knitting in my hands . . .

My Taro plant now has three leaves
& I recognize it. Isn't this called 'Elephant's Ear' if you buy it in the Plant Department???

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MaryContrary said...

I agree on Stirling's Island In The Sea Of Time. Enjoyed it thoroughly along with its continuations: On The Oceans of Eternity and Against the Tide of Years. You might like (same author) Dies the Fire, Protector's War, and Meeting At Corvallis. I think of them as 'book-end' or 'mirror' novels.