Monday, August 01, 2011

Happy BC Day!

I peeked outside at 5:30am to see sunshine & blue sky! A gorgeous BC Day! Especially for all those who are heading home from a weekend spent "RELAXING". On Friday morning according to the Radio, there was a 2+ hour wait at the Border, all the Ferries were sold out til mid afternoon & the freeway East was a parking lot less than 20 miles out of town. Happy Long Weekend.
For all those who will be crawling home on the freeway in the heat, Happy BC day!
The thought of a lazy afternoon, chicken thighs on the grill, a big cold salad & an icy English Cider in the shade
, well, hell, why would I want to wait for hours in a line-up in the sun??
I will spin today. And knit. And find a seat at Starbucks under the umbrella for a change.

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Louisa said...

Sounds good. If it wasn't for the crowded freeway I'd be heading for your house! LOL!! Instead DH was at work and I schlepped fish fertilizer around my garden. I'm getting out the home-made pear cider now though. Happy BC Day to you too!