Thursday, August 18, 2011

Was that a 'Senior' Moment??

I work in interesting places sometimes. And I often share spaces!! Did I ever write about the time a guy built me an office in a truck box?? Yup, a truck box! Came with a phone/fax line, computer, heater, desk etc but no window or door. They hung a thick moving blanket at the entrance to keep the heat in. Oh, & the toilet was a Porta Pottie by the side of the road, in the drive - on the far side of the wet & muddy yard! The pump truck had to have access to the Pottie so it had to be on the side of the road . . . Needless to say, I didn't work there long! One of my new shared spaces is a nice ex-basement suite complete with private entrance, dinner sometimes, a window, bathroom & three little pooches. One barks too much, one whines too much & the third is a paper chewer. They bark & whine at the connecting door because their humans are gone all day. So, I just open the door when I arrive & they line up at attention at the desk. We have a routine. I let them in, we go out to the yard, they pee on command. Then they get a treat. We're still working on the barking, whining & chewing.

I stopped yesterday to buy some treats & found I was out of money! Couldn't figure that one out since I'd just put in a big check a couple of days before AND wrote a check to my EX. Oops. Flew to the bank & found I was almost TWO THOUSAND overdrawn! Oh Shit! I'm sure my chin hit the floor! Printed out the activity to find all my stuff had gone through except the deposit. Where the hell was the deposit??!! Had a thought & checked my savings . . . well, to make a long story short, all my deposits had been sitting in the Savings while I wrote checks on the Checking. Total weirdness. I KNOW I put that big one in the checking account . . . . What is it you take for memory???

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