Monday, August 15, 2011

The Last Pair of Summer Socks

I finished the toes on the latest short socks. I chose the Barn Red because I liked it the best!! They turned out so nice that I've already found them a new home. My little buddy Bryan just loves my socks & has been watching the progress on these ones. I made them a little too big - I guess they really wanted to belong to someone else - & he claimed them! These socks have an inch & a half K2P2 ribbing on 68 sts using 2mm needles & about 6 rounds in stockinette before I started a K1S1 heel with knitted gussets at each side of the flap. I made 13 increases on each side before short rowing the heel itself. I am so glad I learned to knit the gussets as I made the flap instead of picking up stitches on the flap itself!!! I can actually SEE to do it. Oh, I used ONE 50 gm ball of 'Sock it to Me' from Elann. I started one sock from the outside & one from the inside so I could use up every inch of yarn. I think I got to about 6 rows before the toe shaping on a pair of size 10 socks. The toes are Kroy sock yarn - wonderful stuff for heels & toes!!!

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Louisa said...

I voted for red toes and they turned out really cute!