Saturday, August 06, 2011

Saturday Afternoon in the Swamp

I played hooky this morning. I used the old 'finger in the nostril' trick to get the boys at the Motorcycle School to think I was sick so they would make me stay home today. I work all Saturdays from February to November for them & since there's no students from last week to process, they just don't NEED me there. And I'm tired. I haven't been sleeping well again. Oh I have no problems GOING to sleep but I have problems STAYING there. I NEED afternoon naps! I have work on the desk to do too. And laundry. Socks, underwear & tee shirts up the ying yang & nothing clean to wear!! I've been dragging my sorry ass home around 8:00PM after a full day of non-stop data entry & I don't want to drag that washer over to the sink & hook it up . . . I know, whine, whine, whine . . .

But, I have anoth
er pair of socks on the go! I found several single balls but nothing that would go together so I started a pair of socks from the same 50 gm ball. One from the inside & one from the outside. I was curious to see how far the one ball would go to making a pair of short socks. I figured I'd turn both heels easily enough but wasn't sure about how much foot I'd get. I'm actually doing quite well!! I'm almost to the toe which is a nice surprise. Now all I have to do is choose between the brick red & the greyed blue to finish them off. I'm leaning toward the red. It's also Kroy. It's tough & makes great toes that seldom wear out. And I kinda like red toes.


Louisa said...

Naughty Sharon! Pretending to be sick. You do know that will totally up your chances of really getting sick now, don't you? ;)

At least it hasn't been too hot to sleep! Too cold maybe though. I've still got a wool blankie on me!

Cute socklets. Red toes for sure.

Sharon in Surrey said...

Red Toes it is!! You voted, I voted & my buddy Steve voted. We all like the RED.