Monday, March 05, 2012

Back to My Life

Still coughing but everything is moving along as it should. Managed to get out to work full days on Friday & Saturday without any problems except that I'm still falling asleep when I sit down!! Can't bring mysel
f to open the bills yet but Tax Season is starting so it will all work out in the end. Today, I did nothing! I slept in & ate breakfast at noon. Watched a little TV & caught up on a few things. Like taking pictures of a couple of things in progress. Like that Poncho Pullover from Cabin Fever. I'm using Briggs & Little Heritage one needle size larger than the pattern calls for. My swatch snugged up when I washed it in the sink & then tossed it in the dryer on cool for a few minutes. I liked the fabric I got with the smaller needle before I washed the swatch but preferred the swatch with the larger needle after washing so, it's a little loose as I knit but I know that will change when it's washed the first time. And this stuff has to be washed!! It's dusty & should've been soaked BEFORE I balled it all but it sticks to itself in the skein when washed & I've had a terrible time pulling the sock weight skeins apart never mind a dozen or so big worsted skeins!!! So I shook it & thwacked it against the porch poles outside a few times before winding it up & it'll get a nice soak & spin in the washer before I wear it . . . The rain was soaking the whole patio so I had to take this pic in the bathroom with all the Daylight bulbs. Another couple of inches & I'll be blocking off the sleeves. I intend to add some cheeky fringe on the bottom too.

April is the month of birthdays at work. Three out of the five of us have April birthdays & one is in May. Three Aries & a Taurus manage to work very well together believe it or not. Lucky for me that all three of my compatriots have decided they love my socks. I have no problems shopping for any of them - Taurus is dull as dirt & only wears 'traditional' footwear in monochromatic 'manly' colors. The other two are Aries Adventurers with no real hangups, color phobias, personality problems, tics, twitches or unexpected public exhibitionistic tendencies - except in socks - who will
wear anything that comes off my needles. I love them all & am doing my best to see they're all happy again this year!!

Mr Taurus is getting socks in the Regia Jet Set colorway in dark blue. This is about as monochromatic as I get. It varies a little from almost black to a lighter blue but it's basically DARK BLUE. I have a few more balls of Regia Jet Set in the sock basket only because I got it on sale. The Ex loves the darker socks too so he gets a pair or two every year as well. I don't tend to knit too many for him though since he wears a size 13WWWWW & I need THREE 50 gm balls for him. The Taurus sock is reclining on my new Ravelry Sock Bag under the Daylight bulbs in my bathroom so you can see the real color of this sock yarn.

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Louisa said...

Glad to hear you're really on the mend now, Sharon! Lucky coworkers to get your socks.