Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tax Season Again

I know some of you laugh out loud when I say this is my favorite time of year. I really do love Tax Season. It's the challenge of the Game and it often IS a game because it's not what it IS so much but what you CALL it that counts!! Different types of Income are taxed differently AND not all expenses are treated equally. It's knowing the difference that matters. It's sort of like sock yarns.

And speaking of sock yarns - I've had my Gift Box sitting on the little table in front of my TV watching chair since I got it. I take things out & fondle them & put them back. I've got two balls of purples in with two balls of greens of the same yarn but FOUR different colors. I keep thinking about green & purple striped socks . . . hehehehehe! And the ALMOST finished hot pink lace socks!! And not enough yarn to finish them either. I think I'll have to frog them - SOB - but I have the Smoldering Hearts pattern which might work. Or a couple of Gansey Heart patterns. I could get two pairs of summer socks out of them!! Either way, I think it's screaming HEARTS.

Brown is not normally my color but I like the mottled shade in the box. I can't SEE to pick up heel flap stitches any more & I know my tension will be different so the mottled brown socks will have to be frogged for sure. And a real shame too since one whole sock is finished & the other is done to the heel flap. I think I'll use the same pattern which I really like - just a simple rib stitch - which will be appreciated by any man at Christmas. You can tell I'm already planning socks & hats for the Christmas Box.

But, before Christmas, there's all the Birthdays in the Office to conten
d with. April & May are the big months so I have several pairs on the go right now. The Boss Sock is the slowest of the bunch because it's that dark, dull color. I distinctly heard him say that he loves the new socks so much he'd almost wear any color. Hmmmm yeah, right! Mr Conservative says that but does he mean it??? I don't think so. I think he'll continue to get the dark, dull colors . . . Sock #1 is done & onto #2. I sincerely hope I have enough yarn!

I'm thinking Bryan will get Frankensocks. The wilder, the better for him. And I'll put a row or two of Black or Blue between the colors!! I can't wait to get started on them!!!

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