Monday, April 02, 2012

And the moving finger moves on . . .

The more things change, the more they stay the same!! My job at the M
otorcycle School is changing once more. My buddy, the Office Manager, has been offered a job that gives him & his family financial security at last. But he has to leave in two weeks if he wants it. The season has been slow to start & his earnings have been lower than usual. But he'll be leaving just as it's finally beginning to heat up. OMG, not only am I the only person who can run the whole office again but I don't want to run it all the time!!! I only signed on for Part Time! Hopefully, we have a volunteer who will work at least 3 days a week so I only have to work the other three. I'm so sorry to see Bryan go but he has to for his sake . . . sob. Now I have to get his socks knit up quickly!!

Just in case
I have to work more than 3 days, I've been working tax return marathons to free up my time. Sunday, I worked 9 hours straight - well, I stopped for a Starbucks Latte & bran muffin midday but I went through the drive-thru & came back home again!! My poor printer was overheating! It was a hellova day! Luckily, my Ex called & took me away from all of it to eat Chinese. Oh, how I love Beef & Black Bean Sauce with Green Peppers!! It also gave me a chance to drop tax returns into the bin on my way home! And got there just in time to watch a Murdoch Mystery while I worked on the latest sock. Just a Regia sock but in a more interesting colorway than the last one. Still a conservative sock but definitely more interesting than plain blue.

While cleaning out a big basket - I'd forgotten what was in the damn thing - I found a bag with a half knit summer top, several balls of yarn & no pattern. Sigh. I'm in the process of frogging it but I really like the color. It's a little pinker - as usual - than it appears but the acid pink is soft with the purpley blue. Acrylic of course but as I said, I like it. Since the pattern's missing, I may rejig it into the Heartbeat sweater from Just One More Row which goes up to a 64" bust. I remember working on the Heartbeat Sweater in the past - it needed some tweaking - but I love the heart shaped front. I'm sure I have enough yarn in that bag. I hope. I'm pretty sure I do - but it will make something eventually if I don't.

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