Monday, April 16, 2012

Today is my Birthday

Today I turned 61. That's 61 big ones! Teenage angst, zits, having kids, finding a husband & wearing panty hose are loooooong in the past with my old 45 collection, telephone booths, Ford Falcons & fluorescent shirts! Yeah, yeah, yeah!! Gone are two Rons & a Keith. And that crazy 6 month fling with a Lorne. Nordics all. I just don't have the energy for Nordics any more. They work all day & party all night. If I was offered a choice between a red hot Nordic & a pound of cashmere, well, I'm 61, I'd rather be warm than red-hot! And speaking of red hots - those are in the past too. My temperature gauge has finally been adjusted back to normal, although I could really use a little tweaking of that Thermalosity during these damp winters lately. Getting old isn't the problem so much, it's the creaking like a ship in full sail & the failure of parts you depend on that gets me. By the time you learn what it is you really, truly love - you can't do it anymore!!

It's exciting to wake up on your 61st birthday! Especially when you had a Senior Moment the night before & somehow set the alarm clock for 4:31AM. And put it on the Country Station to boot. The shock of leaping out of bed put natural color back into my cheeks & lips. Who needs a Latte???

So, what am I doing for my birthday??? Nothing. Absolutely Nothing. I just don't have the energy after leaping out of bed this morning. So, I'm having a huge green salad with avocado/feta dressing even though I'd rather eat a big bag of LAYS plain ripple chips. I think I'll just lay about in my jammies. I might even listen to a new audio book. Or I might go out for a giant Latte all by myself. It's MY Birthday!


Denise said...

Happy B-Day!! Hope you had a very nice quiet one and did everything you wanted to do.

Louisa said...

Slightly belated Happy Birthday, Sharon!! Hope you had a lovely peaceful day. If it makes you feel any better, you're half a year younger than me! So you are DEFINITELY not old.

MaryContrary said...

Happy Birthday and many more to come. I like your plan. It sounds much like my plans for my 63rd in a couple of weeks. It is so much more pleasant than any frenetic celebration. I have survived all that non-sense and will enjoy my time calmly and serenely.

Lynne said...

Belated Hippo Birdie.