Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Again

Here I am pounding on the keyboard in my jammies once again on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Well, sort of sunny that is . . . but not raining like it has been all week, that's for sure!
The poor motorcycle DaySchool students were drowned all week but I'm hoping for a sunny Monday finish to brighten their experience. And mine too, I hope. Again, I'm working the Monday but all is not lost. I've finished the orange & brown Kroy socks!!! Yes, for MY feet! I'm so excited. Since I have no one around to photograph them on my feet - I've tried & they always look stupid upsidedown - I've laid them across my keyboard & you'll just have to imagine them on my tootsies.

And I've even cast on for the Indian Vest for the Ex. Gawd, I'd forgotten how awful it is to knit with BIG yarn & big needles - you get spoiled with 2.5mm needles & THEY'RE big for socks!! I'm using a 6m
m for the ribbing & a 7.5mm for the body! I'm also using the SIWASH carded wool - made in Canada by Spinrite Yarns Ltd. I remember this company from the 70s - I used to buy huge rounds of single or double strand wool by the pound!! The wool is soft & only a little scratchy but turns out to be soft & snuggly when knitted. I have 6, 200 gm rounds of Siwash & several rounds of Cowichan in the same color so I'm sure to get a nice warm vest for his nibs out of this! The color is a little off as usual - it's more of a warm pinky tan instead of this yellowish hue. I was gonna knit it up in one piece to the armholes since I hate to sew things together but it's so heavy that I thought I'd spare my hands & wrists the pain. And sewing the side seams will stop it from stretching as he wears it too. I do want him to like it & wear it.

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