Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Nose to the Grindstone

Still working 6 days a week & trying to fit everything in my office into Sunday or evenings but I seem to be making some headway. Thank god for filing online although you can't file some forms after midnight!! My little buddy Bryan will be sharing Mondays with me after this week - he'll work them unless his bus supervisor calls him in for work. I can't wait since I could really use the extra day to clean up some of the backlog in the office.

No spinning going on but I broke out the old knitting needles the other day to finish up the project which got shoved into a corner of the car. There's nothing like a new pair of socks to get the juices going again!! TADA - one sock down & one at the heel shaping. In case I didn't mention it, the yarn is Kroy & it knits up a little thicker than most sock yarns so I'm using my bamboo skewer 2.5mm needles made by Moi with a little elbow grease & fine sandpaper! I love these needles because they're extra long - stitches don't fall off in the bag - and they're so delightfully bendable. Yes, bendable but not breakable. Haven't broken one yet although I have another 92 in the package to replace them.

The Cowichan vest is next. My Ex says he isn't as cold these days & seems to be wearing a layer less than usual. But, it won't be long till he's cold again so I thought I'd get it done while I can work with it outside. I'm sure I have enough of the better quality 'Cowichan' wool for his vest but it still sheds a little because it's pretty old. The 'White Buffalo' is really dry & I don't understand how we survived when it was so popular! It sheds huge amounts of little dry fibres into the air as I knit and they make me wheeze! I'm hoping to spend the rest of the summer using up the crappy White Buffalo for slippers for the donation bin. I really like the idea of using it up for nice warm slippers - AND getting it out of MY basement where it takes up a lot of space!!!

Just a little peek at a tasty little sweater I found on Ravelry. It's so simple but I just love the seed stitch design that gives it that pseudo shaping! What a clever idea - so clever that I bought it!! It's name is Shiraz.

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