Thursday, May 31, 2012

Is it really Thursday???

I've been a little crazy lately. I've been trying my best to declutter & throw a few things out. Nice to say but almost impossible to do. I've got at least 6 big Rubbermaid bins
in closets or acting as a bedside table that haven't been open in years & I really should send them as is to some Thrift Store somewhere & just get an empty bin back but it would make me crazy to think I've given away a treasure. I'm sure I don't own any treasures but what if one was hidden in there?? Stupid but paralyzing thoughts!! I suspect they're all filled with sewing fabrics, books & stuff like that that I might need someday . . . sometimes it's just better to have a fire. But some things have made it out the door. I suspect more would go quickly if someone dropped a bin in the driveway . . .

Last Christmas I knit a bunch of touques & socks for Loving Spoonful to tuck into hampers. This year I decided I needed a new project for the hampers but I didn't know just what. While browsing for thongs, I found a BOOK - it's a soft cover BOOKLET actually - with a selection of slipper patterns. The pair on the cover made me buy the book!! I want a pair of those for my own feet!! There's a couple of chunky pairs of slippers as well as a pair of Red Sports car slippers for a young fella. I know a couple who'd love them. There's Ballet & MaryJane slippers & even a pair of bog booties too. Nice thing about slippers is that you can combine several yarns or use up crappy old White Buffalo to make 'em. A couple of pairs are even stuffed with folded foam rubber to give a nice 'cushy' sole but I think I'll just buy a dozen or so pairs of felt insoles from the Dollar Store to make nice, thick soles for mine.

And all those squares?? Well, the girls & I are planning a little surprise. We c
ollectively knitted those squares to donate to a project that seems to have died a quiet death in BC. I hauled them all to a Wednesday night session at the Pool Hall & we discussed what to do & which to use. Gail suggested more darker squares & then crochet around each one in black to make them pop. I hope someone else will put them together. I hate sewing things together!!! But it sure would be nice to get rid of that bin of squares since I have more yarn that could use that bin.

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