Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Suddenly Summer

The weather changed while I've been hammering on the keyboard across town - man, this working for a living is the pitts!! - and yesterday, it became summer. I'm working 4 days a week in a tin box with what they call 'air conditioning'. I'd like to call it that too but it only cools you down when you stand in front of the machine in the classroom portion & not at all in my office end of the box. Yesterday, the classroom air wouldn't stay on & my fan at the end of the box stopped. Just around noon. By 3:00PM, it was over 30 in the office & not improving at all. We tinkered with the machinery to no avail till the Boss's Reno buddy walked in the door . . . . he twitched something & turned two dials & cold air started blasting out of the classroom. Holy Crap. Since the remote was misplaced, no one but Bryan - who's gone to Bus Driving School - knows what MODE the machine is in since the display is on the remote. We were not in Summer mode, that's for sure. The classroom is cool again but sadly, my little blower has died. Hopefully, it will be replaced today. When I deliver it. I drove home yesterday with the air conditioning in the van turned up to max! It was only the second time in the year & a half I've owned it that I even turned it on.

My basement is nice & cool in the hot weather! Good thing because I freeze in the winter. You can always put on more clothes when it's cold but once you're down to skin in a hot place, you can't take anything else off! So it's a great place to be in the summer & an even nice place to lounge outside in the evening. Last night I found three balls of that orange Kroy that we got so cheaply at Michaels & started a nice thick pair of winter socks, hehe. I love Kroy. It's thick, it knits very quickly & you don't even
have to watch as the stitches go by. Other than the heel & toe shaping, they almost knit themselves. I just put on my mini IPod, tuned in "The Ten Year Anniversary", a Women's Murder Club book, poured a huge icy Mango juice & went outside to knit after dinner. Bliss.

I've made a promise to myself. Since I have three days a week that I don't have to get up & commute to work until I feel like it, I will get up & commute to my patio with my morning tea & spin. Should be a nice shock to all those people who like to take the short cut through my yard instead of walking around the block on the "public" street.

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