Friday, May 04, 2012

Rumor has it . . .

The Aliens have not swooped down & taken me away as someone reported although some days, I wish they would. It's been a tough Tax Season this year & I've been trying to work TWO jobs at the same time since my little buddy Bryan ran off to join the Bus Driver's union. Apparently he's had it tough too since he's in the Fast Track group & doing the course in half the time!! We've barely texted to see how the other is doing - guess we're both coping though since that's the kind of people we are! But, I'm still working a 32 hour week at the school, finishing up all the late returns, trying to do 5 year ends, working at least one day in the office with the dogs, catching up in the warehouse job on Sundays & trying to finish 11 corporate tax returns. All at the same time. H E L P! Aren't these supposed to be the Golden Years where you s l o o o w down??

I have to report that I have nothing
fibery to report. No socks. No vest. No nothing. I've looked at it all but I'm just too damned tired to work on anything. The Boss Birthday socks still need their toes completed but I still have a week . . . Maybe next week I'll pick up the needles again. Maybe after I sleep for a whole week. Gawd, I have to get out there & plant my baskets & tubs too. I'm just too damned old for this much work.

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