Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just a Little Experiment

I follow a blog called Food In Jars. I love the recipes for small amounts of jam, pickles, relish, condiments etc which make it perfect for one or two people. I tried one of her Marmalade recipes which was very good & a couple of days ago, I read about Chive Vinegar. I like green salads & have resolved to make my own dressings since I own a blender, Magic Bullet & VitaMix!

I've been experimenting with different vinegars, oils & condiments whipped up in the Magic Bullet. It's nice to have a very small machine that can make small amounts without all the cleanup - yeah, you can put everythi
ng in a jar & shake - but the Bullet can emulsify everything so much faster & smoother. I've discovered several different kinds of olive oil - I like the Fruity one very much but I especially love the Peppery oil! I've invested in different kinds of vinegar as well so the Chive Vinegar caught my eye. All you do is fill a jar a third to half with chive flowers & cover with a white vinegar. After a few hours, the vinegar turns pink. Mine has been in the jar for two days now & is just about ready to filter.

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