Sunday, August 12, 2012


I finished the socks but not the sweater! My Arvik Ribbons sweater turned out to be a much bigger job than I expected but the hand spun socks are done. I discovered
that hand spun socks take longer to knit than mill spun yarn. Dunno why but they do. They DO feel nice & cozy though & I can't wait to wear them. They're very definitely Fraternal socks - maybe even cousins instead of siblings - but this is the way I spun the yarn that made them. They could almost belong to different pairs of socks but I'm proud of them.

So I got my medal for the Ravellenics Sock Put. And I finished my purple socks. So? What next?? Well, I had this 100gm ball of yarn that had been calling to me for some time but I was too busy to listen. Since I finished my sock project but didn't have enough time left to finish the sweater or knit the other pair of hand spun socks, well, I slipped & fell into the arms of the new sock yarn. It's ON YOUR TOES by Kertzer. It's a dark & moody ball of bubblegum pink, eggplant & navy. I have no idea where it came from - it might've been a gift or a trade but it was in my stash & has been calling my name for a couple of months. Seduced by a ball of yarn - again. I decided to knit socks that just cover my ankle since I don't have a lot of short socks. I can't wear shoes or sneakers without a sock so I make short socks for summer when I'm not flopping around in my thongs or sandals. I finished the first sock quickly & the second sock was started yesterday - as I've said before & I'll say it again - new colorways knit up faster!! They really do. I think it's the excitement to see what kind of pattern the dyed wool will make. These socks are very soft - apparently there's ALOE in the yarn - and look a whole lot better than the yarn suggested in the ball. I think I'm going to like wearing these ones.
I used the standard pattern in my head. Cast on 69sts, the first & last are knit together at the join. Rib for three inches, stockinette to the heel flap, knit side gussets on either side of a K1,S1 heel flap. I usually increase 13 or 15sts on either side of the flap before short rowing & turning the heel. Stockinette to the toe & decrease 4 every other row until I ha
ve 32sts remain. Three needle bind off at the toe.

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