Sunday, August 05, 2012

The World's Worst Picture Taker

I am the worst. If they had a medals for bad photography, I'd have the Gold. I just point, shoot & pray. My old camera took pretty good photos until it totally quit working. This new electronic, shock proof, water proof, rechargeable, expandable, digital movie taker mystifies me. I can rarely take a photo that shows the correct color & most of my photos are blurry. Apparently I can self correct 'red-eye' but can't take a close-up. I take several shots of each thing I photograph & hope I have one that's postable. Heh, at least you have an idea of what I'm doing!!!

I continue to plod along on the hand spun purple socks. PLOD is the term I used & PLOD is the term I meant. Considering all the socks I've made in the last 10 years - at least a couple of dozen pairs a year & 4 dozen pairs one memorable one!!! - you'd think I'd've had those socks finished the first weekend! One is completed & I started on the ribbing for the second last evening. The color is close but you can't see the play of the variegation.

Hand spun is not as easy to knit as mill spun sock yarn. Hand spun splits, blends into the stitch next t
o it, stretches & is slippery as hell when it contains nylon!! I'm also busy at the Motorcycle School so I'm not getting as much knit time as usual. And it's hot & sticky so the yarn doesn't co-operate at all. And then add my metal needles which are too slick for this yarn. Oooops. It all comes from little experience knitting hand spun into socks. The next pair will be knitted on my bamboo needles & I may just spray the yarn with a little water so that it stays in one place as I work. At this rate, I will NOT get to the Orange socks at all & may not get my sweater finished!!! Grrrrr . . . And I have to just look at two more braids I want to spin up!! But, they'll just have to wait.

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