Sunday, November 04, 2012

I can't believe .  .  .  

I thought LAST weekend was the time to turn clocks back. Has there been a change & I just didn't notice??? It just feels wrong in my bones  .  .  .  and I still haven't changed the clocks. Oh, the old cell phone, the computer & the VCR all changed themselves apparently but not the ones with batteries & teeny, tiny holes to stick a paper clip into. And I have to go through all that hassle to change the time in the car!! Why the heck to we NEED Daylight Savings anyway??? I know you needed it in the old days to see at milking time. But, it doesn't matter what you do to the clocks in late Fall - we'll be getting up in the dark & coming home in the dark for the next four months anyway. The world has become electrified & we can find the cows by turning on the lights. Just another silly Tradition that needs to go.

Even though I don't celebrate Christmas - I see it's now Politically Correct again to use the term Christmas - I do participate in a couple of Seasonal Swaps. I wish the Swap info was given out several months in advance since color choice can alter things considerably. I have socks in the gift basket in a couple of colors but my Swappee likes Brown or Greens & I sure don't have those in the basket!!! And I don't want to send a lovely braid to someone who weaves but doesn't spin. So I start all over again. Does she knit lace?? dunno. I truly hate sending yet another mug & mystery package.

Meanwhile, back in the land of Purple, my socks are progressing nicely between touques. I've almost knit the second sock to the middle of the foot so I can put both socks on the same circs to the toes. I'm getting a little faster with the circs on one sock but it'll probably be a circus with two on there. Remains to be seen!!

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