Friday, November 02, 2012

It was a dark & stormy night . .

I spent Hallowe'en watching updates from the east coast of the US while the wind whistled & the rain fell on this one. It was dark enough & wet enough that driving home dodging kids & slow moving cars was a pain in the ass. Today though, I'm so glad I live on the Wet Coast, even though I often complain about it. At least everything I own is still here, not floating off shore, buried in mud or blowing across Montana. I was  shocked by how fast it can all change - Oh yeah, I watched Katrina swamp New Orleans but NEW YORK?? Those people have it ALL. Technology, Money, Fashion, Broadway, Central Park, $10,000,000 apartments, Longevity. They're not like us!  I'm so grateful I live on the Wet coast. I'm grateful for my warm, dry bed, clean clothes, the refrigerator keeping my milk fresh & the car outside with gas in it. I'm not sure how I would survive if I had to watch everything get torn away in a storm.

Went out this morning after all the gloom & found this. This clematis normally blooms in the early spring before the leaves come out on most plants. It was so wet & dark this past spring that it burst into bloom at least a month late. I guess it's become confused with the long, wet winter & spring & then the long, long dry period at the end of summer. I guess it thinks it's spring again on Nov 1rst. Just another sign that it's a crazy mixed up world out there!!

Churned out another touque in rust for the Donation Bag. And then went back to my purple Fabel socks. The first one is finished up to mid foot so I decided to cast on the second. It's just about ready to turn the heel. When I get it to the same place as the other, I'm going to learn to do TWO socks on two circs. I just about lost one of my favorite DPs at Starbucks in the big chair the other day so I want to stop taking socks-in-progress out in the knitting bag on DPs. I know how to knit one sock at a time on circs - I do it when I'm making a large manly sock because there's too many stitches for my DPs when I'm doing the heel & two gussets. I also use circs if I'm doing a lace project because it's easier to divide the lace pattern in half on the leg & keep it separate on the top of the foot. But, I haven't yet tried TWO socks on two circs. I remember my friend Gail muttering & cussing in a ladylike way when she was teaching herself to do it. A couple of times she knit the wrong sock from the wrong ball or used the same circ all the way around one sock .  .  .  I anticipate the same problems. I may even have to call Gail in desperation after I've kicked the whole thing across the room!! But, if I can get it right, it'll make carrying that little sock-in-progress around a whole lot easier.

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Louisa said...

I know what you mean about being grateful to live here - even if one tends to get wet a lot! One of my sisters is in Haida Gwaii experiencing way too many scary (but not too destructive luckily) earthquakes and aftershocks and another just rode out the Frankenstorm in Nova Scotia. Fun stuff.