Saturday, January 12, 2013

How Time Flies

Just don't know where the last couple of weeks have gone!! It's got to be an AGE thing. I've been cussing everyone at all the BLOGS I follow for not updating often enough & here I am .  .  .  my only excuse is that the damn days go so fast that by the time I notice it's the day AFTER tomorrow!!  It didn't happen like that when I was 40 or 50 but now that I'm about to be 62, well, it's not fair!  I mean it takes longer just to get moving in the morning - especially if you couldn't sleep the night before - and I often have to take a nap in the afternoon or I fall asleep when I sit down to watch the 6:00 news, I need time to S-L-O-W down a bit  .   .   .  But it doesn't! And now that I'm falling down the slippery, age-related slope, I guess I'll have to find some sticky soled shoes.

So?? What have I been doing for the last couple of weeks?? Oh, knitting a little, throwing out some junque & sleeping a whole lot. Some ugly virus bit me a while back & I've been hacking ever since. I never really got SICK - I developed a sleeping sickness!! Some mornings I get up & sneeze for 10 minutes & then spend the next two hours blowing my nose & coughing up a lung. Other mornings, I'm just fine. But I get tired. The Motorcycle School called me back to work two weeks early!!! Ouch! Was not expecting that but the old bank account is excited!! I still have to pay for my On-Line excesses so back to work I went.

On the needles - well - I have two pairs of socks on the go. One is for me in lovely light, stripey Phildar yarn that ranges from palest blue to palest lavender - not my usual thing but I thought it was interesting & had to have it. I found some pink in the same light shade & may put pink toes on just for fun!! The other pair is intended to be Frankensocks - there's a couple of half balls in a dark blue with light blue here & there - looks like I'll be able to turn the heels & perhaps do part of the instep. I may just find some light blue yarn & stripe the feet. I have a couple of birthdays coming up & both people LOVE wild socks. Maybe I should just find a bright GREEN & stripe the feet.
Oho - I just traded my Hairdresser two pairs of socks for a Perm. She doesn't care what I knit since she wears them at home in the evenings when she takes off her work shoes!!! She just wants cushy, snuggly & warm socks. Another convert!!!

Still working on my Poncho Pullover from Cabin Fever! It's down to the top of my butt & needs a couple more inches before I decide whether to put fringe on it or not. I like the look of fringe but may just add the length in knitting instead because it'll be faster! and then on to the sleeves! I should be able to wear it about the time I don't need it anymore .  .  .  .


Louisa said...

I think it's the Zombie Virus bugs. They eat time along with our brain cells. Hope you feel better soon too!

spinquilt said...

Hurry and get better we miss you at knitting. I like Louisa's comment about the zombie virus that would explain a lot.