Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On the Road Again

MOST of the Bug seems to have gone somewhere else. I'll say MOST because I still lose my voice & the damned cough comes back when I've been talking most of the day!! This is not good when you're on the phone doing Customer Service!! But, since everyone has it, had it, knows someone who has it, or had it or is now getting it, well, I can make do!

The Motorcycle School is open again. I seem to have become the Main Office Person again this year - I refuse to be Manager even though I am, I guess - and I'll be back at it FULL TIME by the second week in February when the first Students of the year arrive! This time of year is actually quite interesting & I'm so busy when I get there that the time really flies. Things are changing in the Motorcycle world. The Provincial government wants to make Training mandatory. In the meantime, it wants to extend the Learning time to a minimum of 6 months with restrictions on speed, size of motorcycle & night riding for two years. This means  EVERYONE who applies for a Motorcycle Learner's will soon be on the Graduated Licensing Program. Right now, you can get your Learner's & take your Road Test 30 days later with or without Training. They've been telling the Industry change is coming but we don't quite know when.

My Crafting time has really shrunk. Suddenly everyone who didn't file things last year is dumping old stuff on my desk! Here we go again!! But, last night, I finally started the toes of my lovely pale Phildar socks. I thought about adding pink toes in the same tone but I had tons of yarn left to do toes! I even made the legs extra long - the yardage in that 100gm ball is incredible!!! Getting in & out of the car sometimes sends a draft up the old stems so the longer leg works a charm! Will slip in a picture when the toes are cast off.

Haven't touched the Poncho Pullover in a couple of weeks. Since I got this cough, knitting with ANY rustic yarn makes me cough even more. I love the yarn I'm using & how it softens up with handling & wears forever. After coughing up a lung - I have scar tissue in my right one which aches & gives me pain from coughing - I've had to set it aside for a while or work on it outside. Too damned cold to knit outside these days!!

Time to work on something else. So, I found the bag my Ribbons top-down cardigan lives in & will work on it instead. I know I stopped working on it to make the heavy sweater for winter - actually, I wanted to participate in a KAL on Ravelry is what really happened!!! The yarn is so soft in my Ribbons cardigan, I know it won't shed as I work on it. I just don't understand why I even thought about stopping this project! It's handspun. It's soft. It smells so good! It feels so good!! I must've been nuts. Found TWO cakes of lighter grey handspun in my stash after I thought I had to find the fleece & spin more - this fleece ranged from very light grey to almost black in patches. And I spun up the very dark parts into a couple of balls to use as the cuffs & button bands. This is the sweater I should work on right now - by the time I get it finished, it'll be time to wear it.

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