Sunday, July 14, 2013

I have been busy, Really!

Remember when we were kids & we could spend all day laying in the grass or the sand watching the clouds move around & make shapes. Time used to last forever & we had all the time we ever needed because it went so slowly. Now that I'm 62, it goes so fast that I never get everything done before I'm out of time! I just don't understand. Does time accelerate as we age or does our brain just work differently???

Lately, I've been working on projects that got forgotten in the eddies & backwaters as time marched on. Arvik Ribbons for example - yeah, it's hanging on the door to my office so I don't forget - this incarnation I will wear in the Fall. It's knit from the top down, with a round yoke & increases hidden in the rosy ribbons of color in the top. The really nice thing about it is, I can try it on as I go. I'm past the armholes & moving down the body. This past couple of weeks has been just too hot to work on it though - I mean who needs a lap full of wool when it's 28C in the room????

I'm also participating in the Tour de Fleece again this year. I saw a cowl in the Fall Knitter's magazine that I just loved but couldn't find the yarn for it. Linda, at Sunset Fibers, dyed me up 8oz of fibre which is close to the colors I wanted & called it RED HAT. I love it!! So I'm spinning it for the TdF.

 I also got some of Linda's new TRANSITIONS colorway in GRANITE which I also spun up for the TdF. Not sure what the Granite will become - it's greys & pink & blues - maybe some l-o-o-o-o-g fingerless gloves??? Wooohooo!
I'm hoping there's enough on the bobbin to make something nice - only 4 ounces - but I've spun it finely enough that it may make the gloves if I make a lacy pattern.

I also spun up some wild acid green superwash for TdF that I traded some purple for, not sure if there's enough for a pair of socks but I think there's some orange left from last TdF that may just work. And if I don't like them, there's someone at work that will drool all over them. I'm hoping that I can get a couple more braids spun up before TdF ends. Doesn't seem like a big job anymore since I set up the old Suzie Pro in front of the TV & my favorite chair. And the fan blows on both. All of this going on & I'm still working full time & trying to work in some year ends for three different clients .  .  .  .  Do I really want to take that 30 week course in Plant Ecology???


Louisa said...

How did I know you are the same age as me? Lovely sweater and delightful spinning there. Actually Plant Ecology sounds really cool. Can't advise on the rest though. ;)

Stay cool!

Sharon in Surrey said...

I need 5 more classes to finally finish my degree. I decided the world has too many specialists so I'm doing a General Ed degree - I love stuff all over the place, from History to Geology & took the classes!!! I thought a class in Plant Ecology would work - it's the interaction of man & plant as Food, Medicine, Spices & Dyes!!!