Thursday, July 25, 2013

Whew - All Over

I've been spinning like mad for the Tour de Fleece. I wasn't sure at the last minute that I would. But, I did, and I had a blast! I haven't really spun anything much in the last year except a couple of 4oz hand painted goodies from Sunset Fibers - Gail talked me into joining the Group on Ravelry.  Linda, of Sunset Fibers, hand paints all her stuff and she does a pretty good job of it too!!! Every time I turn around, she has another color that I can't resist. I'm beginning to thing I may actually BE buried in a felted coffin because there's no way I'm sharing any of this gorgeous fibre.

So TdF just finished & it's been too hot in my computer room to do much but here's the skeins - they haven't been bathed or hung yet - they're fresh off the bobbins.

 This is 8oz of Red Hat. Linda dyed it up just for me from a picture of a cowl I fell in love with in last Fall's Knitter's magazine. It's not as bright as the yarn used in the cowl but I love it's soft blend of pinks/reds/blue. It's a little pinker than in real life too.
 Most of this skein is Linda's Granite colorway - I had a small blue/turquoise topknot that I added onto the end of the bobbin just to get it spun up & it was too much trouble to tear it apart so after the bath, it will become it's own little skein. The soft shades of Granite come from a new line of 4oz heathered braids that Linda came up with. Several colors flow together as you spin .  .  .
And this one - well, it looks overspun but it's not. I loved the acid greens in this batt that a friend was spinning up. She had a bunch left over & I was sick to death of my purple superwash so we swapped. Now I have this green superwash, some purple & a little left over orange .  .  .  sounds like socks to me!!

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