Friday, October 11, 2013

Hot Damn

Woohoo, Hot Damn! I traded my crutches for a cane today. I'm an official Old Geezer, fer gosh sake. Well, maybe not quite - I did skip the walker  .  .  .  one was suggested by someone but no words needed to be said as he took off running. He did come back with a proper cane. I can't go too fast or make any sudden turns or twists but I can now lift my leg a little. I can also get up & down from a chair without wanting to scream. And that terrible pain & the morphine are both gone. My knee bones crack & make a lot more noise than they used to though & I'm definitely unstable on that pin - guess I won't be using my 'Walking with Leslie' CDs any time soon.

As soon as I can drive and get to Starbucks & the veggie store, I'll be happy but I'll wait a while longer. I suspect it'll also be some time before I'll be spinning any of that lovely stuff I have waiting in the living room. Good thing I like knitting socks!


Lynne said...

If'n you need meniscus surgery its a piece of cake. I had my left knee done and if they would have allowed it could have easily walked out of hosp.

Saving grace was being able to start physio almost immediately, handy knowing an expert in the field.

Louisa said...

Poor Sharon! How awful for you. Hope you get better soon, hon'.