Tuesday, October 08, 2013

It Was a Party

Our new Surrey Memorial Emergency room opened unofficially on Monday. I hear the Official Opening ceremony was Tuesday but I wasn't there. I got to go to the unofficial opening on Monday instead .  .  .  I spent 8.5 hours in one of the new wheelchairs admiring the nicely padded seats in the waiting room, the nicely padded recliners in the Triage room & the nicely padded, curved chair/beds in the Treatment rooms. The new wheelchairs do not have much padding & made what wasn't painful when I arrived, painful by the time I left.

Somehow in the night, as I took the right turn out of my bathroom, something went CRACK in my leg & left me almost fainting with pain. Somehow I made the two hops to the end of my bed & crawled back in.  In the morning I had to get up to use the bathroom again & realized I was in trouble. I guess that's when I should've gone to the hospital but everyone was at work & I wasn't going by ambulance for a crummy knee that wasn't even bleeding. So I went later in the day instead. Baaaaad Idea. Everyone else in Surrey came too. It was Saturday night on Monday afternoon. It was a mob! The Triage people said it was the busiest day so far this year! And it wasn't even officially open .  .  .  after all I went through in that 8 hours, it seems I've probably torn my Meniscus which is behind the knee cap & stabilizes the bones at the knee. It seems all the other tendons are fine & there's no fractures of any bone. I just don't understand how it can be so darned painful!

And just so you don't think I do anything other than get into trouble, here's what I was doing before I wrecked my leg. I took it to the hospital with me & finished off the toe & started the next sock. I love the colors in this yarn even more when knitted into a sock.  I have a ball in blues too which I also love even though it's really thin to work with. I'm also using my new Chiaogoo RED needles that Gail brought back for me. I love them, they're so smooth at the join. I'm probably repeating myself here but it's worth repeating!! I have now completed 2 full pairs in Kroy, the Regia in this multi-striped Nations colorway - thank gawd it's the last - & halfway through one pair of my Phildar socks to complete the new Winter sock wardrobe.

Now there's only a couple of pairs to knit for friends for Christmas & I can get back to those sweaters for ME for a change. Since I can't spin for the near future, I guess I'll be knitting. It's time Arvik got finished.

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