Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sometimes Technology Sucks

I've never been a laptop fan. In fact, I hate them! Since my desk-top is once more being worked on, I'm reduced to a laptop. I think the worst part of it is not having  the equipment I need to make it functional. I mean, how can you operate properly with only ONE USB port??? And no mouse??? I need at least three operating USB ports just to run the every day stuff. Haven't figured out where to put the camera yet or the printer. I just hope my old desk-top comes home soon, sob, since my neck is also complaining about the unnatural position it has to be in for me to operate. It's like knitting socks from the toe up in the wrong yarn & jumbo needles when you always work from the cuff on down with your favorite DPs in size 1. Nothing feels right.

Good thing I've got my knitting. The Poncho Pullover is 6 rows from the armhole split & it looks like I'll have tons of blue yarn leftover. I plan on knitting the body in one color only but will have some fun with the sleeves. Maybe I'll throw in some orange or purple stripes for fun.

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