Monday, September 22, 2014

Technology Still Sucks

My computer is back in action. Sort of. The guts of my computer are working more or less - the inside of the box is exposed to the world & it sits on my desk in all it's naked glory with no fan covers, no side panels, minimum hardware holding everything in it's place & cords running everywhere except to my printer & fax machine. At least I have a keyboard I can use, a mouse, speakers & can find my email again. I can even pay my bills again. It's amazing how much of my life is occupied by computers.

Nine whole days - more or less - without a fully functioning computer, made me have to withdraw from one of my Coursera courses & fall behind in the other. Yesterday, I did manage to redeem myself in the remaining course - assignments have no specific 'due date' thank gawd - so I was able to make up two weeks work & three quizzes on Sunday. My ass was reshaped into a chair shape after that marathon session!!! How did I do that?? you ask. Well, who doesn't love Dinosaurs??? The course is Dino 101, put on by the University of Alberta. They teach in audio lessons, interactive puzzles, short quizzes & actual sessions out on a dig site in Edmonton & Drumheller, south of Calgary. We started with skulls & hip bones & have worked our way out to Walking & Eating. And in case anyone just noticed, I was so busy catching up on Sunday that I actually worked a week in advance & didn't even notice until this morning!

So, with all this time on my hands without a computer, did I finish knitting anything?? Nope. Started a second sock. Tinked several rows of my 'Poncho Pullover' because I decided it needed to be longer from shoulder to armhole after I tied off both sleeves and knit several body rows .  .  .  . Wound all the balls & skeins of blue yarn into centre-pull 'cakes' for that 'Poncho Pullover'. And spent almost 4 days removing viruses & mal-ware from a loaner lap-top only to find I accidentally removed the wireless internet connection software as well. I just wanted to kill something with a hammer.

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