Monday, June 15, 2015

I just wanted to show off how far I've come with the latest summer socks. I've always maintained that wild & crazy yarn knits up a whole lot faster than boring yarn. Maybe it's the excitement of discovering what that weird mishmash of colors will eventually become. All I can say is that wild yarn knits faster. And I have 26 pairs of wild socks to prove the point.

I can't remember when I bought this yarn or how long
it's been lurking in the stash but it seemed to be just right for short summer socks. This is not a color I could wear anywhere else but on my feet but it screams TROPICAL to me. After the GREEN socks - oh the combo was really nice but still dark - I HAD to knit something bright & wild.

Sock one is ready to have it's heel turned using the Queen Kahuna method. See all those little elastics?? Each one of them marks the end of a short row that I'm due to close when I turn the heel.
I couldn't SEE to pick up the gusset stitches along the flap unless I was outside at noon. So I bought "Crazy Heels & Toes" by Mary Ann Beattie to learn a new method. After kicking the instruction book across the room & a couple of desperation phone calls to my friend Gail, who learned it before me, the lightbulb finally came on.  It wasn't the method that made it difficult to learn, it was the crazy manual.

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