Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer in the Burbs

Yesterday, was beautiful, hot & dry in my part of the Wet Coast, but I could barely move. My hips ached, my knee wobbled & my damned hands hurt so much I couldn't knit or sign my name properly. I just couldn't believe it. The WeatherBoob said we wouldn't even get a sprinkling of rain & the temps would stay the same when the weather system went by us - it was going east & north BUT my bones knew the barometer was changing. We got a hellova big storm in the night. Now, I don't mind having a barometric TOE but why does the rest have to hurt too??? Grrrr. I totally understand why my mother packed up & moved to the desert climate in Vernon - about 260 miles inland - some 35 years ago & won't even visit the coast anymore. Today, after the storm, nothing hurts. And everything out there looks exactly the same as yesterday, except for the wind. Craziness.

So, yesterday I couldn't knit, but the day before I could, so I started a new pair of Summer Socks. Socks again, you say??? Socks are addictive. They're small. They come in wild & crazy colors. They don't even have to match your clothes or each other. And you can take them with you wherever you go. So I dug in the old stash & found some DROPS Fabel Superwash yarn - in oranges & reds. Mmmmmm HOT HOT HOT. And I think I see a little Lime in there too. It's 75% wool, 25% nylon & 205m in a 50 gm ball. I can make a pair of socks for my size 9 clodhoppers with two balls & even have a little left over for 'Puffs' for someone's blanket-in-progress. Since I'm making Summer Socks, about 3" shorter than usual, there's enough left to knit Barbie an outfit. If she'd wear it.

The Tour de Fleece is coming up very quickly so I decided I'll use it as an excuse to spin the yarn for my Color Craving scarf. I dug through the stash & found some NEON Pink & a braid of NEON Green. I have lots of grey roving & bags of the slightly felted cherry to spin so I think I'm ready to go. I forget where the Neon Pink came from but I totally love it - just think 150 times brighter than the picture. The Greens were chosen by a good Pal who's very good at picking wonderful colorways. The real color doesn't show well through the bag in the photo but that light lime green makes your eyes water. Looking at it next to the pink in the sunshine makes my eye-balls start to melt .  .  .  .  .


Louisa said...

Apart from the crazy wind we never even felt the storm here! Tough to get the aches and pains, eh? My hip was nearly better and now it's bugging me again today. Old age ain't for sissies, that's for sure!

Ooh, you'll be happy to know that I'm knitting a project in bright periwinkle blue! Not bright enough for you probably but enough for me. And planning a sewing project in orange-red. So there.

Sharon in Surrey said...

Seeing is believing Louisa.