Saturday, May 30, 2015

Murphy's Bite

It seems it doesn't pay to get too chirpy & cheerful when you've been down-in-the-dumps for ages. Murphy's Law baby, Murphy's Law. Things were sliding along like a well oiled machine, hell, I even had money at the end of the month - two months in a row!!! With all the bills paid. And some extras in the cupboards for a change too.

Murphy bit me on the ass. Literally. I suppose it started as an ingrown hair or inflamed follicle. You know the kind. Sometimes it starts in your arm pit. Or sometimes on your eye lid. I've heard they can start anywhere a hair follicle can become infected. Sometimes you don't know about it until you sit on it - ouch. Needless to say, I've spent a good deal of my time this past week curled up on my bed with a heating pad & a book waiting for the damned thing to pop. Yeah, I could've gone to Emerg & had it lanced but I spent almost 8 hours waiting to be seen when I damaged my knee. This time I preferred to stay home with a soft bed, thank you.

Luckily, it popped sometime in my sleep last night. Yeah baby. Another crisis averted. Just have to keep it clean & covered & stay off hard coffee shop chairs for a while. Whatever happened to those nice, cushioned benches they used to have???  Where do the Old People sit???

I had planned to do some spinning outside this past week but Murphy put an end to that. I did manage to finish one of my new Summer Socks in the green Berroco Sox yarn that I found in the stash. One down, one to go. It turned out to be a very Manly sock. I do like the different greens in it & while I couldn't wear these colors as an outfit, I think they're very handsome in a sock. I used my 2.25mm, 24" Chiagoo circular needles - two circs at a time. The yarn felt a little thin & scratchy as I knit so I think I could've gone down to the 2.0mm easily. If I remember correctly, this yarn fluffs nicely when given a bath to remove the spinning oils.

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Louisa said...

Ooh, TMI!! I do hope the nether regions are feeling better now. Perhaps we should start bringing our own blow-up cushions along everywhere? And one of those little pumps - don't want to get lightheaded blowing the thing up.