Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Thank Gawd it's Over

Yes, bang the drums & toot the horns, it's over for another year!!! I filed the last tax return last night with minutes to spare, just before midnight. And you can't even slip one by them at 12:01 because they shut down the internet at the Tax Department at midnight. No GST or tax returns at 3:10 in the AM, no siree, the Tax Man takes a break.
And, although there's still lots to do, it can wait for another day because I'm taking this one OFF. I've slogged away for the last 6 days without a break other than a couple of coffee runs at the drive-thru & a trip to buy a new printer. Yeah, I have a pile of stuff to print & the stupid printer paper sensor decides to die. But that was then & this is now & I'm done.

NO knitting, reading or watching much tv either. I've been too damned tired after all the staring at the computer & paper documents. The winter socks I was working on are not quite finished because my fingers are too sore. Actually, my Shoulders are too sore too. So I listened instead to Audio books instead. Anne McCaffrey has always been one of my favorite authors. I have all of her books - well worn - & most of them as Audios as well. Some people might think my tastes are odd because I usually go for Mysteries, Thrillers & Action series as well as British Detective novels. But, when I'm busy with the brain engaged, I want simple, well known characters In familiar stories. Star Trek & McCaffrey help me along.

A couple of years ago, my niece asked for some wrist warmers. I had some sample balls of this & that so I made up a whole bag of them. A couple of other gals took a pair or two along the way too. I made them with ribs & stripes & in seed stitch, ribbing, stockinet & even lace. It was a lot of fun. The niece finally showed up with a bag of unfiled tax returns & I gave her the bag of wristlets. She was delighted with her old Auntie & wore a set home. I'm terrible about taking pictures & thought I had one but alas .  .  . 

There is one project I started about 6 years ago that I intend to finish next right after the sock. It was started for the old BoyToy who wanted a BLUE afghan. He liked the multicolored one I made myself which sat on the back of the couch in all it's glory but he hated all the wild colors. He chose a DULL faded denim blue. It was so boring that I bought several shades of grey to give it a little interest. I worked on it when we went to Starbucks but it became so large that I couldn't carry it around to work on it anymore. Then the weather got so hot it got put aside. He got tossed & IT got tossed in a bin without being finished. I finally have a home for it to go to because, quite frankly, I need the bin space. The plan is to add another couple of stripes to it & then finish it with a couple of rows in RED. How do you like THAT, BT???

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Louisa said...

Ooh, red will definitely liven up that afghan! Happy you finished your tax returns on time. I'm sure there's always the last-minute folks to drive you nuts! You should go get a massage now.

Big McCaffrey fan here too!