Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Vancouver is so beautiful when the sun shines. The sky is so blue, the water too, even the mountains on the North Shore have a tinge of blue with all the green. Yeah, green everywhere - well, green where we haven't black-topped or cemented over it, that is. But a lot of green almost everywhere. Parks & green spaces abound. Trees are on almost every block - even right downtown. Lots of good places to sit & knit or haul out the old spinning wheel.

And speaking of green on this Earth Day, remember to blow the dust off that refillable cup you used LAST Earth Day & use it again today. It saves trees. If you must use a disposable, recycle it. It can make toilet paper & paper towels which are more important than disposable cups. My Big Red Cup rides with me in the car & goes into my favorite Cafe with me - it's a hellova lot nicer than those dinky white ones they use & it's RED. And I always have my Starbucks plastic go-everywhere cups with lids. Looks just like the throw-away cup, doesn't it??? It works for hot or cold - cost me a buck !! Not as classy as the Red Mug but doesn't chip or break & you can still use it with a straw.

Just another winter Kroy sock on the go - two of them actually. I think I'll probably run out of Kroy before I finish the toes so I'm working them side by side to make the most of what yarn I have before finding left-overs for the toes. Shortly, I intend to go out with my Red Mug, get a coffee & find a sunny bench & just knit for an hour. Too bad for all of you trapped in your offices looking out today, the home office closes for sunshine & knitting.

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Louisa said...

Happy Earth Day! Yay, sunshine & knitting. Works for me.