Tuesday, April 07, 2015

A Whole Lost Month

I've been in a daze this past month. Not that I haven't been doing things, but simply, I just didn't feel like going anywhere, socializing or blogging. I did take a two hour 'Tea Time' break with PBS to watch British TV with my lunch - I loved the two weeks of "Call the Midwife" reruns!! But I didn't even want to go out past my patio unless it was to head through the drive-thru for a Very Large coffee-to-go. I have my choice between Starbucks, Tim's & Mcdonald's within 4 blocks. Coffee tastes sooo good with two milks in it late at night. I have a 24 hour drive-thru just up the road & it sure does a good business at 4AM.

Of course, tax season hit with a bang as usual.  Some of my old, old customers are back with multi-year offerings too. Thank Gawd, it's been a tough year & a half for me since the school closed. I'm in that grey area where I'm too beat up for a full time job but still too mobile to be written off. In 9 days I'll be 64 & 11 months away from being an old age pensioner. Gee, I wonder what I'll do with all that extra money???

I did knit a couple of pairs of socks this past month. One for me - this is finished & already in the wash & one for my second favorite short order cook in the local truck cafe. He's a good boy & can make a mean toasted chicken & havarti  sandwich on rye. Most of the employees of the little cafe love my wild Frankensocks so periodically, someone gets a pair. Once in a while they get to keep them too. One girlfriend & one Mom has pinched a pair or two along the way.
There's already another pair of Kroy 4ply socks on the needles for me & two wonderful wallabies on the needles for two little boys under 4. The old hands have been complaining but little sweaters don't take much time or effort before they're done, do they???

The camera is charging as I type so there may be some new pictures on the next entry. Back to the grindstone, taxes &  the GST wait for no one. Woo hoo


Louisa said...

Glad to see you poke your head up for a moment, Sharon! Wishing you a Happy Birthday ahead of time. No matter how old you are, you're still half a year younger than me! Hugs!

Sharon in Surrey said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh, thanx Louisa. Hibernation in the Aries thing to do when we get all peopled out. It's hard to play the extrovert when you're aren't really.