Thursday, April 16, 2015

Will you still feed me, will you still need me . . . .

Today I'm 64. Wow. I still can't imagine it. What happened?? The last 30 years have whizzed by so fast that I barely remember them at all. Guess I was busy living. And paying bills. And I suppose I should be relatively happy since the Tax Man isn't gunning for me, I haven't been bankrupt & all the bills ARE paid. Except for the credit card, but then, most of us are carrying a balance these days right into Retirement. Mine isn't huge but it's still there.

And what am I doing on my birthday??? Started out the day with Revenue Canada collections - no, no, not mine. But it means I have extra work in the next two weeks which I hadn't anticipated. And then I went out for breakfast at my favorite little truck stop cafe. I almost took a couple of bottles of wine along since it was MY Birthday. In the end, I decided NOT to drink wine before breakfast. The boys at the cafe laughed out loud when I told them I almost brought wine & gave me a free breakfast while singing off key instead. I do love those crazy boys!!!

Got 4 balls of my favorite Kroy 4ply sock yarn from one of my Knitting Pals. Two are in a lighter colorway with PINK in it which I'll knit first!! I would've cast on immediately but my favorite circs are already in use with another pair of Kroy socks. Since one heel is already turned & the ribbing finished on the other, they won't take long to finish if there's something good on the old tube for the next coupla days.

So, other than Starbucks - my FREE birthday drink awaits - I will be in the office, pounding on the keyboard as usual, since there's only TWO weeks till the end of the Tax Season. EEK.

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Louisa said...

Glad you had such a Happy Birthday Breakfast! Even if you didn't bring the wine. Wishing you many more happy returns, hon'!