Sunday, March 08, 2015

I lost a Week

This time of year is normally full of grey days & dark nights so everything looks like an old black & white photo. Surprisingly, my part of the Wet Coast has been bathed in sunshine every day. So much sunshine that I've been living in the office. It faces west which makes it the warmest, brightest, sunshiniest room in my basement. My only excuse for missing posts is sunshine which has kept me working instead of crafting.

Since I have just a part of my voice - one paralyzed vocal chord & one bum knee - torn meniscus(cartilage), I've been mostly unemployable. All potential employers want me to answer the phone since I would be the office slave. My voice fades out with too much talking & some people can't even HEAR me on the phone. What a pain for someone who loved to sing & could talk to a room without a microphone. But life goes on. I'm back in the home office banging on the computer for small businesses again - it's a hellova lot nicer than picking bottles out of ditches for 5 or 10 cents each or standing in line at Welfare! And I do enjoy doing income taxes. Call me crazy but extracting every cent of overpaid tax out of the Government, well, it just gives me that warm & fuzzy feeling. The data entry to get there doesn't. But it's that necessary evil. The good part is that I also get to listen to Audio Books while I work. The second good thing is that I will be able to sit on the patio all summer & spin on my breaks while the rest of you are stuck at work .  .  .  . 


Louisa said...

The sun is wonderful! I'm even starting on my yearly farmer's tan out in the garden. I got the peas in yesterday - earliest date in a decade!

Don't overdo the typing, 'kay?

Sharon in Surrey said...

Wow! Peas?? Double wow. I was thinking of sticking some Scarlet Runner beans into the Clematis bin in front of my covered patio. So this must be spring.