Sunday, February 22, 2015

Spring Socks

It's beginning to appear like Winter has passed us by here on the Wet Coast of BC. Crocus, Daffodils & Primulas are up & starting to flower. No buds on the clematis yet but I expect them any day now. This shot is from the pot standing next to my door. Blue Fescue hangs over one side, brown Fountain grass in the back with Primulas in the front.

 I meant to do so many things this winter. I looked at so many projects & rejected most of them due to sore hands. The only two that I started was the Ringwood gloves, two tuques & a couple of pairs of socks. I still have three sweaters in-progress, a pair of lace socks on my favorite circs & the Ringwood gloves on my second favorite DPs.

The stripey Kroy socks finally got their toes finished - a lovely thick pair of socks to keep the chill away. I had three balls of this pattern so I had more than enough to make them really long for a change.
As I've said before, I really do love Kroy 4ply because it's just a little thicker, wears like iron & has terrific wild colorways. I love wildly colored socks. Especially in the winter when it's dull & cold outside & color has disappeared from the world. A wild pair of socks seems to be so necessary.

Ringwood is still on the needles but my thumbs have been too sore to juggle 4 DPs & all the little cast off & ons for fingers. They may sit in the basket until the end of the tax season when I have time to rest the old fingers or until the next long dry spell. My hands don't care if its warm or cold but it must be dry.

Since I'm unable to sit in front of the tube without doing something, another sock magically appeared on my needles. I had an almost full ball of a Kroy 3 ply in a pink/green/orange/grey pattern that really spoke to me but there wasn't enough to knit anything other than wrist warmers or fingerless gloves. So it got tucked away. Eventually I got some leftovers & another partial ball donated. I picked out the pink/green/orange/grey yarn to save because I really liked it but knew I didn't have enough because I'd forgotten about the first ball. I'm a visual person. If I can't see it, I forget about it & buy a new one. So I live in chaos so I can SEE what I have. LOL Eventually, I found the original ball. It was waaay too much to take & I had to cast on then & there.

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Louisa said...

Pretty colours for your socks! Glad you found enough to make a pair. Sorry your hands are acting up though. So frustrating when you can't knit.

Yup, it's most definitely spring already!