Thursday, February 05, 2015

Sharon's Taxi Service

I've had a very busy couple of weeks chauffeuring two of the men in my life to & from eye appointments. I'm tempted to put a sign on the door of my van & go into the taxi business. Between Specialists' appointments, detached retinas & laser surgeries, it's been a busy time. And I have three more days of it at the end of the month too. Why am I doing all the driving you ask?? Because both of them get their pupils dialated by the Specialists & can't drive (or see) for up to 5 hours after the appointment. And I'm building up credits for when I may need rides to & from whatever myself. My only complaint is that I have to get up at 6:30 in the morning in the dark & dodge pulses of heavy rain from the latest Pineapple Express to do so. And now that my driving duties are over for the day, the sky has cleared & the rain is gone. There's no blue up in the sky but it's about 60 watts brighter than it was at 7:00!

So you'd think I'd get all this knitting done while I wait at these appointments?? Nope. Too dark out in the car. Too crowded in the waiting room - really only room for the patients - and no coffee shops. I do get a lot of reading done with my Kobo Aura - the back light is so good that I use it all the time.

I mentioned I wanted to knit CONIC from CookieA's book 'Knitwear - Shapes & Form' Since it's mostly an easy straight knit, I decided to cast-on the yarn I got from Knit Picks in LadySlipper & use it as 'car' knitting. I love the color. It's one of the blued tones of pink that suits my coloring nicely. I just hope it doesn't bore me to death with all the stockinette.

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