Sunday, February 08, 2015

Trying Something Different

My thumbs are sore as hell again but not as bad as they were at the beginning of the year. I've gone back to eating my dinner from a big plastic measuring cup - the handle takes pressure off the thumbs when you eat in front of the tv & I'm using a big mug with a handle to drink my tea for the same reason. I'm not knitting as much as I used to because Tax Season has begun & I need my hands to work.

Knitting is an Opiate. It's addictive & has become a life long habit that's impossible to break. So to avoid withdrawal sickness, I've had to cut back my habit a little & try something small & light.

When the pattern came out in Knitty Deep Fall, 2010, I fell in love. I copied the pattern in COLOR. And I filed it away in my pattern binder for the day when I got my courage up to knit a pair of gloves. Funny how that works. I can knit an Aran sweater with all the cables & bobbles but gloves terrify me. They can't be any harder to knit than socks??? And I've knit hundreds of socks - even a couple of pairs of Lace socks. So with sore thumbs that keep me from big & heavy projects, I cast on a pair of Ringwood Gloves. I found three balls of KROY sock yarn in a deep Wine color. The gloves have a seed wrist band with buttons & the stretchy Ringwood stitch everywhere else.


Louisa said...

Gloves are somewhat more fiddly than socks! But very satisfying. I've knit quite a few pairs but most of them are more plain than the Ringwoods which are very pretty. Good luck and take it easy on your poor hands!

Sharon in Surrey said...

I love the Ringwood stitch. It's so stretchy. I'm thinking of using it on a pair of socks - it should make some really nice socks for swollen feet & ankles too. I can see them in my head. But, I'm NOT seeing gloves with actual fingers present. Isn't that weird??