Thursday, May 21, 2015

Back in the Saddle - Again

I've had trouble with Google again & trouble getting back into my own blog. Every once in a while Google decides it doesn't know me & tries to sign me up again. It refuses to believe I am who I am & I have to go away until it decides I am me. So, now that I'm me again, the tale continues.

My Winter Socks
Since finishing the last winter sock, I've been feeling naked & unworthy. It's a strange feeling. I keep looking for something & then can't remember what it is I'm looking for. I'm restless when I watch TV & can't sit still. I've come to the conclusion that being without a sock on the needles is screwing up my routine. So last night I gave in & cast-on a summer sock. It's an unlikely color for me - shades of green - mostly dark green but with a little acid apple thrown in for good luck. I think this is one of those Bargain Balls I bought several years ago when Dressew was clearing yarn for $2 a ball. No one sees summer socks anyway. They're hidden inside sneakers - I just can't wear them without a sock - just to soak up summer sweat. So who cares what color they are.

And I bought that 'Color Craving' shawl pattern. It was just too weird & I had to learn how to do that stuff. After watching the YouTube clues 1 & 2, I was hooked. I had no idea you could do some of those things with yarn & needles so I'm going to give it a go. Hot Pink & Plum anyone??? Maybe.

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Louisa said...

You'll have to blog your progress on Color Craving! I want to see how it goes. It's a party on the needles. Fun!