Monday, May 29, 2017

The Livin's Easy

I like long warm days & cold nights. And the only way to get cold nights nowadays is to tinker with the vertical strip fan & convince it to blow directly on the bed. It's not hot enough to appreciate 'oscillate' yet but a soft direct blow is wonderful all the same. Since my basement & all it's windows face west, it can get mighty hot in here in the afternoon between 3:30 & 7:00 when the sun blasts directly in. When I can, I nap during those hours.

I also like long warm days for the plants & flowers. I love hanging baskets. And while Petunias seem to be the flower of THIS summer, I love the big baskets with anything & everything stuffed into them. I love waterfalls of Alyssum & Creeping Jenny pouring out from Geraniums, Coleus & Pansies. The City Mothers order huge hanging baskets hung up in public areas of Surrey & they contain every flowering plant able to exist in a pot. Someday, if I ever get a fenced & contained back yard again, I want to fill it with grasses, flowers, vines, wind chimes & spinners.

Long hot days are for drying skeins of freshly washed handspun yarn. Like all that yardage on the giant Indian bobbin. I should wind it off, splatter dye it in indigo, lime & turquoise & hang it in the patio to dry. Or macrame a triple plant hanger to decorate the corner of the patio.


Louisa said...

Hah! Right now I'd be happy with a little less yard to tend! It's been a lot of work. Hope the nice weather comes back after the rain today. Not having to water is a bonus though.

Anonymous said...

Here in Massachusetts it has been fluctuating between 46 and 89 degrees..New England weather! However, it is usually a constant 80 plus in By June. My raised garden boxes are all planted, but all they have been getting is rain rain rain ..time for some sunshine.
I also sleep with the fan right on me..soon it will be so hot I will be using the AC's and wishing for some of the cool weather we are having now.
t_a in New England