Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Just a memory of summer past
Snow in February!! Although this last couple of small snowfalls haven't been a total surprise , this is the month we're most likely to get snow. Or sunshine for that matter!!  Remember the Winter Games in 2010 when we got summer in February, all wore shorts & they had to truck in snow??? hahaha This snowfall wasn't as disastrous to the suburban streets of Vancouver as it could've been, but it's been cold enough for the mice to come indoors, that's for sure.
 I remember a couple of days of huge snowfalls - for Vancouver, that is - about 30 years ago when I worked in West Vancouver, about 40 minutes away on the other side of  two bridges & a freeway. One dump was on Valentine's Day. So much snow that people working downtown were trapped there because everything stopped running. And so much snow that all the people who planned to go out, couldn't! Hotels just opened the doors. People worked double & triple shifts because they couldn't go anywhere anyway.
I left work early because the snow was getting deep & it took me almost 7 hours to get home!! People just abandoned their cars in the middle of the street. I had good winter tires & kept it in second gear all the way home. My new husband was waiting anxiously, we didn't have cell phones in those days so he just had to wait. By mid afternoon the next day, most of the snow was gone & all the roads were clear .   .   .   a week later, it  happened all over again! Only the second time they closed the second bridge & left me stranded a mile from home. Lucky for me, I had a friend just up the road & a couch to sleep on. I am so glad my commuting days are over!!!

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