Sunday, February 04, 2018

Chrome Wheels

Yesterday, I learned all about chrome wheels. I never did learn to check my tire pressure very often but did try to remember to do it when I filled my gas tank. And then Mr Lube & Action Tire told me to come in every 5000 miles & leave it to them. I was relieved. My knee is temperamental nowadays & I can't even get close enough to DO anything about it if it IS flat anyway. Most days, if the car starts, I take off.

Friday I realized I was starving after a hard morning of banging on the keyboard & ran out with my wallet & book in hand to get a coffee & a wrap before the kids got out of school & took over the place. Never checked anything before I left!!  Got my food, backed into a sunny spot & got waved at by a truck load of fellas who pointed at my 'flat'. Oh shit time!

Now I've been a BCAA member for eons, especially back in the day when I not only commuted to work but drove more than 10 miles away from home all the time. I have no idea why I continue to pay them since I have at least two friends with tow trucks who will rescue me any time I call much faster than any BCAA truck could. BCAA's waiting time was 47 minutes at 2:28PM. My tow-truck buddy said 15. And then I watched a BCAA truck go through the drive-thru, get a coffee & park two slots over from me while I waited for the tow-truck. Yessssss, he has the right to take a break too .   .   .   .

The tow truck showed up before I finished my coffee, blew up my tire & followed me down to the tire shop - love that guy!! Action guy takes off my wheel & snorts. His co-worker checks the back wheel & pronounces it bad, too. They tell me it looks like I've been driving on the rims, take off the tires & give me the real bad news. All four of my wheels are fawncy chrome wheels. But chrome wheels have a problem - cheap chrome jobs. Cheap chrome peels, wheels rust where the chrome gets loose which pushes more chrome off. The wheel under the peeling chrome builds up a huge pocket of rust which pushes the tire off the wheel. My problem exactly. So the boys ground off the rust & chrome, painted it all with some primer & put the tires back on. Perfect they said. Don't need new tires at all. Just need new rims ALL ROUND soon. Wonderful. There goes my yarn budget again. Good thing I know tow-truck drivers!!! Got my order in for a good set of steel rims already .   .   .   .

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