Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The End of January

Good Grief - another month has flown by! Can't say I've accomplished much but I am walking about with a little less pain in my right leg, just below the knee. I made a promise to myself that I would stay out of mega stores or take a Gofer if I felt the need. So far, so good.
I did my Christmas shopping on-line this year very successfully & even bought myself two pairs of handmade earrings, one pair in Peridot  & one with  Pink Quartz. Both are round & about an inch long. I love earrings but prefer ones that aren't too big , not studs & I want them to close in the back or have a loop closure. A lot of great looking earrings these days have that long fish-hook back which easily gets 'hooked' in hand knit sweater shoulders when you have a short neck & like to nap.

I've just about finished my fourth pair of socks - since Christmas - but two are infant sized so they don't really count!!! And yes, I still have multiple sweaters started for myself - less the one I frogged because it was way too big. But, because it's year-end, GST, T4, T5018 & Tax time, I'm going to make myself a Swancho or Wrapper that doesn't take any thinking or adjustments. What's a Swancho??? It's a Poncho with sleeves. I've turned up my nose at Ponchos for decades. I always thought they were stupid unless they came in plastic with a hood so kids could carry their books to school without an umbrella & still stay dry. Well, I do like to knit outside, with a coffee in my hand, with friends who bring dogs. A Swancho is not as big as a Poncho, has side seams if you want them,  arms at least from the elbow to the wrist to keep your arms warm & room underneath if a small pooch wants to snuggle! That's what really changed my mind.
I particularly like this simple Modern Wrapper from Churchmouse Yarns but there's also a lighter version as well for finer yarns - Modern Wrapper Fine. I thought the frogged blue Briggs & Little Heritage wool would make a warm & wonderful mindless Wrapper for Spring.