Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Best Laid Plans . . .

I had good intentions - refer to the last post - but life tends to kick you in the ass a lot when you get older. At least, that's what's been happening lately in MY life. Last Thursday afternoon, I got the flashing red SNOW Fall Alert on my computer for not only the Coquihalla & Eastern Valley but also for the Western - that's Me - Fraser Valley. Only 4 to 6 inches but that 4 to 6 inches would make a mess out there especially if the Arctic air plunges us into the deep freeze as well. Our heavy, wet snow turns to ice sheets immediately! I checked out the weather news & the Eastern Valley was a mess already!! So, with the sky getting greyer & the rain pouring down, I went straight to the grocery store to stock up all the emergency food groups. I love the Safeway Superstore across town because all the Gimp parking is along the sidewalk at the door & has a buggy return right there in front of you! The only problem with the store is that it's HUGE. I didn't buy a lot but I had my walk because I had to trudge the perimeter of the whole store to get fruit, veggies, bread & milk!! By the time I got home & put it all away, I needed a nap!!
Woke up three hours later unable to put my weight on my right leg. Friday was a misery. I could get from bed to bathroom with a cane very slowly. Saturday I made it to the kitchen & back  but mostly I spent my time in bed with my knee on a pillow listening to audio books & sleeping. Today, I'm up & moving with the cane but if I had to drive my car anywhere, I wouldn't make it. My only conclusion is that the store is too big & the floor is too hard to shop there anymore. And that's not a happy thought!

On the craft front - Nada once again. Getting to the front room where it's all sitting was too painful to contemplate. If this keeps up I'll have to move my sock bag into the Office next to the computer. .

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