Sunday, January 07, 2018

We're Talking About Walking

Yeah, you read that right. While my knee continues to complain when I use it too much, I can't sit on my ass all the time. 

A pudgy pal & I were talking - the thing we do the best you know - & we admitted that we could afford to lose a couple of inches. We're both doing sedentary jobs & spend hours sitting all day. And it's not that we indulge in bad food so much as we eat too much good food. Neither of us likes to cook for one. I think if we lived on the same block or in the same building, we might even take up eating dinners together. But, that isn't going to happen any time soon so both of us eat out too much or grab something out of a box. We spend much too much time eating  Chicken Wraps & Subway Veggie Delights!!!

We do tend to eat lots of veggies, Chinese style. And we both love fruit. We're not huge meat eaters although we love cheese, yogurt & eggs. So we decided to spend a month EATING IN & limit ourselves to whole grains, fruit, non starchy veggies, very lean meats, beans, 2% dairy - neither of us like whole milk & all the greens we can stuff in our faces. Starchy veggies are okay if they're part of a bag of mixed veggies.

And then someone mentioned walking. I think I'd die right now if I had to walk to the end of the block without a shopping cart to hold me up - but, in for a penny, in for a pound as granny used to say!!! I dug around on the net for the Walking with Leslie program. We can walk for FREE in January on YouTube. The weather is frightful most days this time of year & we don't want to have to pay money to go for a walk. So Walking in place at home with great music is the answer. At least, we're gonna see if it's the answer. It's a good thing I'm a competitive animal .   .   .   .

Knitting/Spinning - Hey, I've finished a sock!! One sock in Hopscotch down & one to cast on. 
And I pulled out my Old Indian spinner & am winding off all the yarn on that GIANT bobbin. When it's all skeined up it will go into the bin with the other skeins until I spin up the last three 'eggs', whewwwww. What a job - only took me 10 years to spin that!!
I think I'm going to dye all the skeins by dipping a third of each in a solid color & then splattering another couple of colors over the other end. Or dye the two ends in different colors. Haven't decided exactly. I still have a Kimono style jacket pattern in mind & a giant silver safety pin to close it with. But, dyeing is for warm weather!!
When the white is off the Indian & the last three lumps have been spun, I have a light grey fleece I want to get too. It's been washed but very lightly. It smells wonderful. I had plans to spend the summer spinning last year but would up feeling bad & slept away months of good spinning time - not this year!!!

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried Grow young fitness - they have a free seniors challenge. Its all indoor exercise - quite enjoyable as far as torture goes:0 good luck with progress anyway