Monday, January 15, 2018

Hobbling with a Little Slide

Spent most of yesterday in my office. Managed to get dressed & get into the kitchen & feed myself thanks to the 8 cup plastic measuring cup with a handle on the side. When I shopped on Thursday, I indulged in my favorite Stomping Cowboy Chili & a family sized tray of precooked, breaded, chicken tenders in the deli. They are both delicious cold & carry well in the measuring cup. I drank water in my huge WW cup with the big handle - doesn't stain if it gets slopped or dropped!! So I didn't go hungry or thirsty. And actually got some business type work done & watched some British Antique Road Show episodes on YouTube too. Not a bad day as days go.

Today I got up, tested the leg & decided I'd had enough of being an invalid. Still sore, still unstable but I thought I could drive well enough to drive through Mcdonald's for a coffee & a chicken wrap two blocks away through the slow residential streets. The sun was out, the air was fresh & I got to the car just fine while leaning on my damn cane. I have to admit that driving was sure easier than walking!! Holding the brake in the lineup was not. But, I made it through with my EXTRA Large coffee & read my Kobo Reader in a sunny spot in the parking lot. I think Mcdonald's now makes the best coffee compared to Tim's & Starbucks. I don't like much of their food except for the chicken wraps & egg mcmuffins but their coffee is great.

So, I guess I'm on the mend. And I guess I've learned a sad lesson about trying to improve the knee with exercise while I'm standing on it. It isn't going to happen. And I suppose the best thing I can do for it is lose 100 pounds or amputate the leg. There are drugs but I'd like to HAVE a life not DREAM about one in a drugged haze.

Knitting content - I have moved my HOPSCOTCH sock & yarn into the Office so I can work on the second sock while I watch YouTube. I think this is the longest I've ever taken to knit a pair of socks since I started making them!!

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