Wednesday, March 28, 2018

At the Kitchen Sink

It's so nice to be able to use the kitchen once more now that the oil slick has been removed. I don't know about most people but I sure don't like to eat out all the time. I can manage for a few days but it isn't the food I prefer. I like hot oatmeal & raisins with a little dark brown sugar on top. And I like stir fried veggies with lots of ginger & garlic on top of my brown rice. The Mcdonald's drive thru may have good coffee but even my favorite wrap gets boring after several days!!

Now that my kitchen is functional again, I can think about setting the spin on all those white skeins of yarn I've spun up over the years. About 10 years ago I bought 15 pounds of Brown Sheep mill ends. The majority of the roving was a wool/mohair mix while about a quarter of it was plain wool in knots. The knots undid into a bouncy roving that spun like a dream into a spongy yet  bouncy yarn with a slightly yellow cast. I liked it better than the wool/mohair & decided it would make a great Kimono style sweater. But I didn't want white yarn. And I didn't want to dye it until ALL the yarn was spun. I waited to dye it all at the same time to get at least related skeins in the same color. I just wish the knots had been a light grey because I'd like to have a light base color & then paint some spots in a bright primary RED with a few dots of some other color to contrast. Since the weather is not so great at the moment, maybe I'll have to think about it until it's warm enough to let the skeins dry outside.

When I ordered that big bag, I never thought about what I'd DO with all that wool. And the bag didn't look that big until I opened it. The air rushed in & it grew to more than twice it's previous size in the box. And that's a lot of wool roving when you have several other bags of fleece, at least 20 bags of hand painted or dyed rovings & several bags of mohair & alpaca. I told myself I was buying for the future for when I was retired & too broke to afford the good stuff. Sort of like a fibre RSP - hahahah. Mind you, when I ordered that bag, the Canadian dollar was higher than the US dollar so maybe it wasn't such a bad thing after all.


Louisa said...

Lovely stuff! Can’t wait to see how you dye it. I know it’ll be colourful!

Sharon in Surrey said...

I have THREE Indian spinner bobbins worth of the yarn, two of which are skeined & ready. I have to wind off the last bobbin & then I'll be ready.